We took an early train from Gaillac to Rodez on a Saturday for a century-ride in Autumn.

At 8h11 on a cold Saturday, there are not many people around and even less cyclists, which means that there was a lot of space for our bikes in the car.

Arrivée à vélo à la gare de Gaillac pour le train vers Rodez

TER Occitanie + Vélo

Gaillac is about 100 km from Rodez when you drive via the National Road but we will be on back roads for this micro adventure, away from trafic.

After a 1h30-train-ride, we went up to the town center for a hot drink on the "Place d’Armes" in a café facing the "Palais Episcopal".

Café et vélo à Rodez

Go for 100km with small climbs, espacilly just outside of Rodez. We cycled by Moyrazes, Baraqueville, Sauveterre-de-Rouergue one of the most beautiful villages of France, where we had lunch, Naucelle, Carmaux, Blaye-les-Mines et Villeneuve-sur-Vère. Between forsts and farmlands, the trafic is very very very light.

Bike packing en Aveyron

Vélo de Rodez à Gaillac

The temperature was good enough, we just had a head wind which was ok.

Sauveterre à vélo

We had the option to shorten the ride in Carmaux or Albi by taking the train for the last bit (30 km shoter) but we made it to Gaillac.

In the end, we had 120 km with the bit between Rodez train station the town center at the start of the day. No Puncture, no accident! Great day !!!



Train ticket Gaillac-Rodez 10€ "Evasio futé" starts at 8h11 on Saturdays

Train stations on the route: Naucelle, Carmaux.


We used regular road bike, rim brakes, carbon frames, Shimano Ultegra and SRAM Force, tyres 25 and 28mm, handlebar bags to carry food and a jacket.